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Online Degrees
By Mansi Aggarwal

Online education has given an entirely new dimension to education. Few decades from now acquiring a degree was restricted to pen and paper, classrooms, university desks and chairs etc. But with the advent of online education a desired degree can be conveniently obtained by sitting at home and not attending classes or taking down notes. Unlike regular studies, online education is a spontaneous and easier way to pursue higher studies.

Online education, as the name suggests refers to acquiring education via the medium of Internet. Several universities offer online education. This enables the aspirants in any corner of the world to get enrolled for their desired courses and acquire education. In order to commence they just have to file their details online and pay the requisite fees for the course. Online education is ideal for those people who are either located in some remote places and so do not have an access to good universities or those who cannot attend regular lectures due to lack of time or any other personal problem. Thus the best part about online education is that it offers education at your doorstep. It saves the time and money you would spend in going and coming back from the university. Moreover unlike the regular colleges and universities that have strong selection basis or a strict eligibility criterion, the online universities are much lenient. The main purpose of online universities is to educate maximum number of people in their desired subjects.

Initially the online courses were confined to advanced business degrees, such as MBA or certification exams like CPA. These courses were and are till date are a boon for all the business professionals who had always wanted to procure an MBA degree but could hardly spare out any time to attend lengthy lectures at the university. However with time the lure of online education has witnessed a surge. So more and latest courses are being introduced. These courses that range from the field of humanities to commerce and computers, cover every significant field of education. Today any person can obtain an imaginary computer course degree or do a course on meditation through Internet.

Though numerous options are available in case of online education yet an individual should be quite selective. He should first obtain information regarding the accreditation and reputation of the university. Doing this will automatically determine the marketability of your degree. You should also inquire regarding the popularity of course you wish to take up. However the fact is that today an online degree from an eminent university is as marketable as one obtained from a traditional university.

But perhaps the biggest shortcoming of the online education is that it is quite expensive. As a result it is not possible for everyone to acquire online degrees. Also in case of online education no face-to-face or personal interaction with the faculty is possible. For those who are not computer freaks and know little about Internet, online education is a difficult choice. On the same hand online courses require a 24-hour Internet access, which is again a costly affair.

Mansi Aggarwal writes about online degrees.

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Online Degree Program: No Stopping You Now!
By Susan Dean

Just when you thought that you couldn't manage going to college or university to obtain that degree that you need, we come to tell you about the option of an online degree program that will help you obtain your degree without actually going to university or college.  Yes that is right.  You heard correctly.

Surely you have heard of studying by correspondence or perhaps long distance learning, well this type of learning is even better than that as everything is done online.  You have the opportunity to choose the university or college that offers the course you want and still be living in another place no where near.  This type of online degree program can offer you the opportunity to gain Associates, Bachelor's and even your Master's if that is what you really want.  You have the opportunity to study the Arts, Business, Computers, Health & Medicine, Social Sciences and even Trades if that is to your liking.  The sky is the limit.

You may be someone that cannot afford to move house to gain your education or perhaps you have to work to support yourself and your family. Then again, may be your employer wants you to gain an extra degree but doesn't want you to physically go to university because he needs you to keep working.  Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter because you have a fabulous opportunity to get that degree and graduate successfully while participating in an online degree program.

There are so many universities, colleges and even high schools around the world that offer these types of educational learning programs.  This is an opportunity not to be missed.  Why not take the time to check out these universities and colleges and find out what options are available to you right now and see what suits you and your needs.

Susan Dean is the webmaster and publisher of
Visit her site for discount online degrees.

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How Valuable Are Online Degrees?
By Graham Fielding

This article looks at the current level of acceptance of online degrees by employers, and advises prospective students on comparing those available from the traditional institutions with those from the newer providers who offer only online degrees.

There are a wide range of benefits to be gained from undertaking online degrees. Because of this, the number of students enrolling in courses leading to online degrees has risen tremendously since the mid-1990s. The make-up of the student groups is as diverse and varied as for any site-based degree program you could wish to name.

Considering the traditional learning institutions, over two-thirds of them now offer online degrees, at either bachelor or master's level. So, how do employers' view those who have gained online degrees, whether at a graduate or a post-graduate level? And which type of institution is best suited to provide your qualification?

Realistically, the fundamental response to these questions is actually rather simple: in order to ensure that prospective employers take their online degrees seriously, those looking to enrol in them do need to carefully research their chosen field of study, and the institutions offering them, before starting on the lengthy (and, in some cases, costly) process of completing online degrees.

Sadly, this preliminary step of researching the institutions offering online degrees needs to be done because, though some of them do offer valuable accredited online degrees, others merely provide a poor substitute for more traditional study programs.

Studies reveal that three-quarters of employers' today view online degrees gained from established universities as being more valuable than those from universities that cater only for online degrees. Whether or not it is fair for them to make such sweeping judgements is debatable but is nevertheless a fact that has to be faced. Whether we care for it or not, employers are far more likely to know the name of an existing, traditional learning institute than that of a new learning institute established to provide only for online degrees.

The good news is that employers' recognition of online degrees obtained from the newer learning institutes is increasing as the profiles of these learning centers - and the online degrees they offer - rises.

Further evidence of this fact can be seen in the number of companies who are now offering their employees incentive schemes to undertake post-graduate online degrees. This may take the form of paying for their tuition fees and providing time-off for study, in much the same manner as has previously been provided for more traditional types of post-graduate programs.

The best news of all is that a recent survey shows 85% of employers saying that they would be willing to employ someone with an online degree. With this high level of acceptance the way is clear to making an online degree your next move.

Graham Fielding writes extensively on the subject of online education. Discover the many benefits of obtaining an online degree at AIU Degree Online. All about online degrees, including an AIU Degree Online.

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The Future is Online Degrees
By Ryan Fyfe

With the wide range of opportunity available to obtain an online degree, it almost doesn't make sense to go to a university or college. Of course online courses will never be able to match the full immersion that an actual insitution can offer, but for someone who is working, or tied down with other commitments, it can open doors that where closed before.

Whether you need to upgrade your education for a promotion at work, or to even just get the job that you want, an online education might be right for you. It's generally more affordable and most importantly flexible then a competing course at a university or college.

Online universities are striving constantly to become more reputable, and to offer courses in competitive fields. Keeping that in mind, the entrance requirements are typically the same for both online & offline.

A typical online degree can be completed in about 3 years, but of course that varies on how much commitment you give to the course, and also if you have any previous credits that are applicable. One of the most important things to do when considering out on the path of an online education is to do your research! Research both the history of the school, as well as the current reputation, and if the degree you will obtain will be recognized for what it is you need down the road. There has been instances in the past where some online institutions have basically just been selling degrees, which can lead to several problems such as: Loss of jobs, and involvement with authorities.

Keep a level head on your shoulders, do your homework, and you will make out just fine!

Feel free to reprint this article as long as you keep the article, this caption and author biography in tact with all hyperlinks.

Ryan Fyfe is the owner and operator of Fast & Easy Online Degrees -, which is the best site on the internet for all online degrees related information.

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A Guide to Online Bachelors Degrees
By Dan Ho

In the past, a degree was a badge of distinction.  While it still has some of the same allure today, a degree is now considered almost a necessity to make a satisfactory living.  In today's competitive world, continual learning has become an integral part of success.

People serious about financial stability will find the time and exert the effort required to achieve a degree.

Individuals who were thrust into the demands of life and family responsbilities before being able to complete college in the past were at a decided disadvantage because it wasn't feasible for them to go back later and get that degree.

Thankfully, with the advent of online bachelors degrees afforded by educational institutions who have acknowledged complicated life situations such as job and family committments, people can now go back and finish that degree and move ahead in the world.

Pursuing an online accredited bachelors degree enables students to move beyond the limitations and inconveniences of attending a college campus, or university.

In short, online bachelors degrees afford people the flexibility of setting their own pace.

However, if you want your degree to be recognized by employers in the real world you should make sure you focus only on an online accredited bachelors degree. Accredited universities are the most prestigous. There are some unscrupulous degree mills out there who will take your money and offer you worthless degrees.

One should not assume that just because typical B.S and B.A degrees require 4 years that you will necessarily spend the same number of years getting an online bachelors degrees. Indeed, if you really push yourself, such degrees can be achieved in as little as 18 months.

It is determined that individuals attaining a bachelor’s degree make on an average $20,000 more dollars a year  than those with only a high school diploma or equivalent.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average annual income for high school graduates is $27,038. However, those with a bachelor’s degree enjoy a starting annual income of $51,206.

Online learning presents a prospective future, but there are certain universities one must know to look for. It is essential the university chosen offers a legitimate online accredited bachelors degree program.

Getting that bachelors degree can mean not only more money and a better life for you and your family, but more pride and an immense feeling of accomplishment.

Discover the best online bachelors degrees programs at

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An Online Degree: Is It Worth Pursuing?
By Carl Mueller

The online degree has grown in popularity and provides people with an option to continue their education while taking into consideration their personal life which might otherwise prevent them from completing a degree.

As a recruiter I have seen where non-post secondary graduates have suffered when compared to their counterparts who hold a college or university degree.

I have worked with companies who won't hire people who don't hold a university degree so not having one can certainly hold you back.

The rise of the Internet has of course opened up many new options for people and online education is just one of them.

I’ve read statistics that show that college and university graduates earn an average of 75% more income than high school graduates so certainly the value of a degree is obvious but what about a degree earned online?

I know a job searcher who I helped place in a large multinational corporation and she completed an online degree – a Masters in Business Administration – something she wouldn’t have been able to do through a regular university because of her busy life.

As a single mother who was working she simply wouldn’t have had the time to complete a regular degree during daytime hours so the online option worked for her.

Her example shows how pursuing an online degree can provide flexibility that a traditional university degree might not.

Since the degree that she ended up getting actually helped her get her next job, it was certainly something that paid immediate dividends and is something that will continue to pay her dividends into the future.

Here are some considerations regarding the online degree option that you might think about when deciding whether or not to pursue one:

Are you motivated enough?

People that pursue an online education must be self-motivated because you’re not attending classes and do your work from home over the Internet. You don’t have a professor or fellow classmates pushing you so you need to motivate yourself. Can you do this?

What is the quality of the school and program you’re interested in?

The online degree option has a bit of a stigma attached because they are a relatively new learning option and many people might not fully understand how they are delivered. Plus, if you’ve ever received a spam email advertising an online degree (I received two such emails this week alone) you might be turned off by a product that advertises by spamming.

Like anything else in life, there are good and bad options so the key is to find a school and program that is well-regarded. Long-distance education isn’t new but delivering it over the Internet is.

Long-distance education is simply just a different option for people to consider and an online degree is simply using the latest technology to deliver it.

Do you require flexibility in order to complete a degree?

If you have a family, attending classes during the day or evening might not be an option for you. Therefore, the flexibility that an online education offers you could be the option you need to continue your education but still keep the other parts of your life organized.

Are you already working and can’t take the time off to complete a degree?

If you are already working and can’t quit your job, the option of an online degree can be very tempting since you can often structure things so that you continue working as usual but complete your degree in your own time. You can’t beat that!

Are you happy to work at your own pace?

One of the benefits that an online degree affords is something that will be very attractive to people that prefer to work to their own timetable and don’t like the structure that traditional classroom learning dictates.

Some people might prefer to work to deadlines set by other people to keep them motivated and on track but pursuing an online degree enables you to finish your work at your own pace for the most part.

One of the things that people often complain about – especially after they’ve left school – is the rigidity of traditional educational outlets ie. going to classes at certain times, completing assignments by certain dates, traveling to and from school, etc.

Some people simply get used to working to more flexible schedules once they get into the work world and find that the thought of going back to school to pursue a traditional education defined by schedules that they didn’t set up is difficult to imagine. For these and other people, an online degree is certainly an option that is worth at least looking at.

Carl Mueller is an Internet entrepreneur and professional recruiter. Carl has helped many job searchers find their dream career and would like to help clear up some of the job search myths that exist while helping job searchers avoid common job search mistakes that cost them jobs.

Visit Carl's website to find your dream career:

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