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Grade 6 English
1.6 Spelling Rule: Two Vowels

Rule: When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking!

This means that when there are two vowels together in a word, the first vowel usually has a long sound and the second is silent. In 'boat' you hear the sound 'o' and not the sound 'a', therefore, the word is spelled as 'boat' and not as 'baot'.

Remembering this rule will help you to put vowels in the right order.

More Examples:
plain (not 'plian')
team (not 'taem')
pain (not 'pian')

Directions: Fill in the blanks with correctly spelled words. Use the words in your sentences.
Q 1: Mom asked Chris not to play in the _____.

Q 2: Be confident, but do not ______.
boast Don't mean to boast boast

Q 3: Wash your hands with ______ and water before eating any food.

Q 4: Anna bought a new _____.

Q 5: We took a ______ to go from Los Angeles to San Fransisco.

Q 6: You think with your _____.

Q 7: Jessica has a _____ handwriting.

Q 8: The home _____ won the match.

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