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Grade 7 - Mathematics
9.61 Geometry And Measurement - Review Test

Q 1: A cuboid in which all the edges that meet in a vertex are equal is called a _____.

Q 2: The radius of a circle is 21 cm. An arc AB subtends an angle of at the center O. Find the angle if the area of the sector OAB is given by 288.75 sq cm.

Q 3: The length and width of a retangle ABCD are 16 cm and 14 cm. Find its perimeter.
30 cm
16 cm
26 cm
60 cm

Q 4: The longest chord of a circle is its ________.

Q 5: In a quadrilateral, the diagonals intersect at right angles and the length of one of the diagonals is 9 cm. Find the length of the other diagonal if the area of the quadrilateral is given by 36 sq cm.
4 cm
8 cm
2 cm
1 cm

Q 6: The length of the parallel sides of a trapezium are 10 cm. and 7cm., its area is 34 Sq. cm. Find the distance between the parallel lines.
4 cm.
3 cm.
5 cm.
6 cm.

Q 7: The radius of a circular path of garden is (325/5) m. A circular path of width (3.5/5) metres is laid around and outside the garden. Find its area.
2875.4 sq m
28.754 sq m
287.45 sq m
287.54 sq m

Q 8: Find the edge of a cube if its volume is given by 8000 cubic cm.
21 cm
20 cm
15 cm
12 cm

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