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Upper Elementary Science - II
4.2 Mirrors

A mirror reflects light, which means that it bounces back the light that hits it. How does this happen? First the light passes through the transparent glass part of a mirror. The back of the glass is coated with a special silver paint. When the light hits the silver surface, it bounces back through the glass.

The mirrors that hang on the walls at home or school are flat mirrors. A flat mirror is also called a plane mirror. When one sees at the flat mirror, it sees a reflection that looks almost exactly like itself. But even though a clear image is seen, the image is reversed. If one holds a book up to a mirror, the writing will look backward. But if backward writing is held in front of a mirror, one can read it.

Some mirrors are made with curved glass. Mirrors that curve inward are called concave. The inner surface of a shiny spoon can work as a concave mirror, because the surface curves inward. Concave mirrors make objects appear larger than they are, as happens in some automobile rear view mirrors.

Mirrors that curve outward are called convex. Have you ever seen your face reflected in a shiny ball, like a Christmas tree ornament? The surface of the ornament curves outward, so it works as a convex mirror. It collects light rays from a wider area and reflects them to your eyes as a smaller image. Objects reflected in a convex mirror look smaller than they really are.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: The back of the glass is coated with a ____________.
painting colors
special silver paint

Q 2: Mirrors that curve outward are
concave mirrors
convex mirrors
flat mirrors

Q 3: The image seen in the mirror is __________ than the actual one.

Q 4: Concave mirrors make objects appear _________ than they are.

Q 5: Mirrors that curve inward are called ___________.

Q 6: A mirror in an automobiles rear view is a ___________ mirror.

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