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Math Word Problems - GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE Preparation
1.1 Converting Sentences into Mathematical Form

The table below shows how to convert descriptions used in word problems to mathematical forms. The same mathematical concept or operation may be described in multiple ways in English language.

What, a numberx, n etcThree more than a number is 8.n + 3 = 8
Equals, is,
are, was, were,
will be, gives, yields,
sold for, has, costs
=Jan is 10 years old.
A pen costs 2 dollars.
j = 10
p = 2
Is greater then
Is less than
At least, minimum
At most, maximum
Jan has more money than Bob.
Anna's age is less than Nate's.
There are at least 20 questions on the test.
Cathy can invite a maximum of 10 people to her party.
j > b
a < n
t >= 20
c <=10
More, more than,
greater than,
added to, total,
sum, increased by,
+ Kelly has 4 more pencils than Jack.
Kelly and John have a total of 12 pencils.
k = j + 4
k + j = 12
Less than, smaller than
decreased by,
difference, fewer
- Tammy has 4 fewer pencils than Cathy.
The difference between Jack's and Bob's savings is $54.
t = c - 4
j - b = 54
Of, times, product of,
twice, double,
triple, half of,
quarter of
x Eric has thrice as many pencils as Jan.
Jack has half as many pens as Eric.
e = 3 x j or e = 3j
j = e x 1/2
or j = e/2
Divided by, per,
for, out of, ratio of,
/ or Sally has $1 more for every $2 Lin has.
The ratio of Lin's savings to Sally's savings is 2:1.
s = l 2 or s = l/2
l/s = 2/1

Directions: Choose the mathematical forms for the word problems given below. Also, write at least ten examples of your own of English statements and their mathematical equivalents.
Q 1: Jan has half as many trophies as Ron.
j = 2r
r = j/2
j = r/2

Q 2: Kenny and Jack have a total of 12 pens.
k = j + 12
j = k + 12
k + j = 12

Q 3: Polly has twice as many tomato trees in her garden than Quazi's.
q = 2p
p = 2q

Q 4: Jack is 5 years older than Ben.
b = j + 5
j = b + 5

Q 5: Four more than a number is 8.
x + 4 = 8
x + 8 = 4

Q 6: Doug has 16 playing cards.
d > 16
d < 16
d =16

Q 7: Jan has more pens than Beatrice.
j = b
j < b
j > b

Q 8: Casey can invite a maximum of 15 friends to her party.
c = 15
c <= 15
c >= 15

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