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Lower Elementary Science
2.3 Forest Habitat

Many animals and smaller plants live in the habitats formed by trees. Different trees grow in different places. The forest habitat is often cool, moist, dark, and shady. Sometimes it snows and rains in the forest. The forest has tall trees.

Coniferous Trees

Coniferous trees grow where it is very cold. They have tough leaves that look like needles, and cones with seeds inside them. These trees grow close together in great forests. They can survive long, snowy winters. Little grows on the dark forest floor. A carpet of pine needles is home to insects. Some birds feed on these insects.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous tress grow in warmer places. They have bigger leaves that die and fall to the ground in the autumn. Woodpeckers find plenty of food in deciduous woods. They peck insects out of tree bark. Deer eat plants and leaves from the trees too.

Some living things that we see in a forest are woodpeckers, squirrels, spiders, skunks, snails, and many others. For their homes and food, they depend upon other plants and animals that live in the forest with them.

The woodpecker is a bird that pecks into the trunks of the old trees, looking for insects to eat. The squirrel scampers up a tree and builds nests in the tree branches and gathers acorns from the oak trees in the fall. Skunks burrows holes into the ground and rotten tree trunks. They eats berries, insects, and eggs that they steal from the nests of birds that live in the forest. Spiders weave their webs where insects fly so that they catch and eat them. Leaves of the trees fall down on the forest floor. The snails and other animals eat them. A raccoon eats the snails and other things.

Directions: Answer the following questions. Write about the forest habitat in your own words.
Q 1: The bird that scampers up a tree and builds nests in the tree branches and gathers acorns from the oak trees in the fall.

Q 2: The forest is moist, dark, cool, and shady. True or false?

Q 3: A _________ builds a web to catch the insects that fly and eat them.

Q 4: The animals that live in the forest depend on other plants and animals in the forest for their food. True or false?

Q 5: ______________ trees grow where it is very cold.

Q 6: The forest is moist, cool, dark and shady due to the ____________________ .
trees in the forest
animals in the forest

Q 7: The bird that pecks insects out of tree barks :

Q 8: The ___________ eats the leaves that fall down from the trees.

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