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Grade 8 - Mathematics
Area of a Circle - 2

The circumference of a circle is 56.6 cm. Find its area.

If r is the radius of a circle, we have
Circumference (C) = 2pr
Therefore, the area of the circle = p r2
A = p(C/2p)2
A = C2 / 4p
Given that,
C = 56.5cm.
A = (56.5)2/4 * 7/22
A = 22345.75/ 88
A = 253.93 Sq. cm.
Therefore, the area of he circle (A) = 253.93 Sq. cm. (Answer is corrected by two decimal place)

Directions: Solve the following problems and correct the answer two decimal places. Also write at least ten examples of your own.