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Grade 8 - Mathematics
4.50 Sets Word Problems

In an elementary school, students know atleast one of the languages, French and Spanish. 125 students know French, 75 students know Spanish and 50 of them know both French and Spanish. How many students are there in the school?
Venn Diagram:

n(F) = number of students who know French
n(S) = number of students who know Spanish
n(F) = 125, n(S) = 78, n(F n S) = 50
We have to find n(F u S)
We know that n(F u S) = n(F) + n(S) - n(F n S)
= 125 + 75 - 50
= 150

Directions: Solve the following problems. Also write at least five examples of your own.
Q 1: There are 64 persons in a group. Each of them eats either apple or plantain or both. Those who eat apples are 36 in number. The number those who eat both apples and plantain is 21. How many eat plantains only?

Q 2: In a class of 80 boys, there are 60 boys who play rugby and 35 play tennis. Use Venn diagrams to show how many boys play both the games? How many play rugby only and how many play tennis only?
15 boys play both games; rugby only = 45 tennis only = 20
10 boys play both games; rugby only = 40 tennis only = 10
20 boys play both games; rugby only = 50 tennis only = 25

Q 3: A survey shows that 71% of Americans like to watch Baseball, whereas 64% like to watch Ice-hockey. What percentage of Americans like to watch both Baseball and Ice-hockey?

Q 4: In a group of 80 persons, 30 drink Coke but not Pepsi and 41 drink Coke. How many drink Pepsi, but not Coke?

Q 5: In a group of 80 persons, 30 drink Coke but not Pepsi and 41 drink Coke. How many drink Coke and Pepsi both?

Q 6: In a group of 50, 20 like tea while 21 like coffee. There is none who dislike both. How many persons like both coffee and tea?

Q 7: A class has 175 students. The following is the description of students studying one or more of the following subjects in this class. Mathematics 100, Physics 70, Chemistry 46, Mathematics and Physics 30; Mathematics and Chemistry 28; Physics and Chemistry 23; Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry 18. How many students are enrolled in Mathematics alone, Physics alone and Chemistry alone?
Mathematics alone = 50; Physics alone = 60; hemistry alone=13
Mathematics alone = 35; Physics alone = 60; Chemistry alone=12
Mathematics alone = 60; Physics alone = 35; Chemistry alone=13

Q 8: In a class 50 can speak either English or Spanish or both. If 35 students can speak English and 25 can speak both; find the number of those who speak Spanish only.

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