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Math Word Problems - GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE Preparation
1.6 Story Problem for Equation

a = 25 A pen costs $25.
h > k Harry has more money than Kim.
a = b + 2 Allison has 2 more pencils than Ben.
t = c - 4 Tammy has 4 fewer pencils than Cathy.
e = 3j Elizabeth has thrice as many pencils as Jan.
s = a/2 Sally has $1 more for every $2 Allison has.

Directions: Choose a correct word problem to represent each linear equation. You dont have to solve the equation. Also write atleast 10 examples of your own.
Q 1: 400 = 40x
Sally earns $40 per week. In how many weeks will she earn $400?
Sally earns $400. In how many weeks will she earn $40?

Q 2: x - 20 = 15
Kim bought a game for $20 and still has $15 to spend.
Sally bought a dress for $10 and still has $20 left.
Micheal has $20 left after purchasing a gift for $15.

Q 3: c = 2p
Cindy and Peter have $2 each.
Peter's money is twice as much as Cindy's money.
Cindy's money is twice as much as Peter's money.

Q 4: t + e = 250
Tom has 250 dollars more than Eric.
Tom and Eric together have 250 dollars.
Tom has 250 dollars.

Q 5: y + 20 = 4y - 10
My age in years 'y' plus 20 is equal to four times my age, minus 10.
My age in years 'y' minus 10 equals to four times my age, plus 20.
Four times my age 'y' minus 10 equals to 20.

Q 6: p = 2q
Peter and Quazi both have 2 pencils each.
Peter has twice the pencils than Quazi.
Quazi has twice the pencils than Peter.

Q 7: j = r/2
Ron has half as many trophies as Jan.
Jan has half as many trophies as Ron.
Ron and Jan has same number of trophies.

Q 8: y + 10 = 25
Harry is 10 years. In 10 years he will be 25 years old.
Jack is y years old. In ten years she will be twenty-five years old.
Eric will be 25 in 1 years.

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