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Math Word Problems - GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE Preparation
6.13 Coin Story Problems

Q 1: Tom has 7 more quarters than dimes and has a total of $6.80. The number of quarters and dimes is 38. How many quarters and dimes does Tom have?
18 dimes and 20 quarters
20 dimes and 16 quarters.
16 dimes and 22 quarters

Q 2: Greg has 10 bills in his wallet. He has a total of $40. If he has one more $5 bill than$10 bill, and two more $1 bills than $5 bills. How many of each kind does he have.
3 ten dollar bills, 4 five dollar bills and 3 one dollar bills
1 ten dollar bills, 5 five dollar bills and 5 one dollar bills
2 ten dollar bills, 3 five dollar bills and 5 one dollar bills

Q 3: Joe bought $23.60 worth of stamps at the post office. He bought twice as many 87-cent stamps than 24-cent stamps. The number of 39-cent stamps was three times the number of 87-cent stamps. He also bought 2 0f $1 stamps. How many each kind of stamps did he purchase?
Eight 87-cent stamps, Four 24 cent stamps and twenty four 39-cent stamps
Twelve 87-cent stamps, six 24 cent stamps and Thirty-six 39-cent stamps
Ten 87-cent stamps, Five 24 cent stamps and Thirty 39-cent stamps

Q 4: Rita has a collection of coins of value 64 cents. There are two more nickels than dimes and three times as many pennies as dimes. How many of each kind are there.
dimes = 7, pennies = 3 and nickels = 6
dimes = 9, pennies = 3 and nickels = 5
dimes = 3, pennies = 9 and nickels = 5

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