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Upper Elementary Science - II
3.32 Conservation and Recycling

You can help fight pollution. One way is by conserving, which means using something carefully and not wasting it. When you donít leave the bathroom faucet dripping, you are conserving. Lights and the TV use electricity, and factories that burn fuel and send emissions into the air often make electricity. When you turn off the lights and the TV when youíre not using them, you are conserving, and helping to fight pollution.

When you recycle something, it will be used again. Recycle can help produce water and air pollution. If you recycle aluminum and glass containers, factories wonít have to burn as much fuel to make new containers. If a factory burns less fuel, it puts fewer unhealthful, chemicals into the air and water. Lots of stuff that can be recycled are: aluminum cans, glass bottles, tin cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, newspapers, even junk mails etc. Recycling helps make sure we donít use up what nature has to offer.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: Conserving helps to fight pollution.

Q 2: When you return aluminum cans to the local store, you are

Q 3: When you __________ something it can be used again.

Q 4: If a factory burns less fuel, it puts fewer unhealthful, chemicals into the air and water.

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