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Math Word Problems - GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE Preparation
9.3 Review 3

Q 1: Elma bought a fabric 43 1/8 yards long. She purchased 22 5/8 yards more. How many yards does she have altogether?
65 1/4
65 1/2
65 3/4

Q 2: Mrs. B has total of 15 students in her class. If 6 of them are boys, what fractional part of her students are girls.

Q 3: Greg has 10 bills in his wallet. He has a total of $40. If he has one more $5 bill than$10 bill, and two more $1 bills than $5 bills. How many of each kind does he have.
2 ten dollar bills, 3 five dollar bills and 5 one dollar bills
3 ten dollar bills, 4 five dollar bills and 3 one dollar bills
1 ten dollar bills, 5 five dollar bills and 5 one dollar bills

Q 4: 1/6th of the crayons in a box are pastels. If 1/4 of the pastel crayons are broken, what fractional part of the box of crayons are broken pastels?

Q 5: Sally earns $1800 a month and pays $450 for rent. What percent of her income goes for rent?

Q 6: In a two-digit number, the unit is 5 less than the ten's digit. The whole number is 8 times the sum of the digits. Find the number.

Q 7: Divide $1215 between Sue, Jack, and Don such that Sue gets double that of Jack and Jack gets three times that of Don.
$680, $370.20, and $141.50
$720, $340.50, and $181.50
$729, $346.50, and $121.50

Q 8: Mary is 60 years old now and Kim is 25 years old. In how many years will Mary be twice as old as Kim?
12 years
10 years
15 years

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