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Middle/High School Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics (AGS)
1.15 Plotting of Points

In the above graph the point P is at the distance of 3 units from Y-axis and 4 units from X-axis. The ordered pair corresponding to the point P is (3,4).
The ordered pair (3,4), which denote the point P. In this 3 is called as the first coordinate and 4 is called second coordinate. The first coordinate 3 is known as x-coordinate and second coordinate 4 is known as y-coordinate.
The point Q is at a distance of 5 units from Y-axis and it is at a distance of 3 units from X-axis the ordered pair corresponding to the point Q is (5,3).

If we observe the points A (2,3) and B is (3,2) in the above graph, the ordered pairs of A and B denote two different points. Hence (2,3) is not equal to (3,2).

Plotting of negative coordinates:
Plot S(2,-3), we start from the origin proceed 2 units towards right hand side of the origin, and from their we start 3 units downwards that is negative direction to reach the point S.
In the same way we have plotted the points T(-2,-4) and U(-5,4).

Directions: Using above procedure take a graph paper and plot the following points.

1. Plot S(2,3), P(-2,6) and T(-3,-5).

2. Plot A(-6,3), P(2,-2) and T(-3,5).

1. Plot S(-2,-3), P(8,6) and T(-3,4).

1. Plot S(-2,6), P(2,8) and T(-3,2).

1. Plot S(3,2), P(-2,1) and T(-3,3).

1. Plot S(1,3), P(-1,5) and T(3,-1).