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Middle & High School - Reading Comprehension
2.11 A Misspelled Tail by Elizabeth T. Corbett

A little buoy said, "Mother, deer,
May I go out too play?
The son is bright, the heir is clear,
Owe, mother, don't say neigh!"
"Go fourth, my sun," the mother said.
The ant said, "Take ewer slay,
Your gneiss knew sled, awl painted read,
Butt dew knot lose your weigh."
"Ah, know," he cried, and sought the street
With hart sew full of glee
The whether changed and snow and sleet,
And reign, fell steadily.
Threw snowdrifts grate, threw watery pool,
He flue with mite and mane
Said he, "Though I wood walk by rule,
I am not rite, 'tis plane.
"I'd like to meat sum kindly sole,
For hear gnu dangers weight,
And yonder stairs a treacherous whole
Two sloe has been my gate.
"A peace of bred, a nice hot stake,
I'd chews if I were home,
This crewel fete my hart will brake,
Eye love knot thus to roam.
"I'm week and pail, I've mist my rode,"
But here a carte came past,
He and his sled were safely toad
Back two his home at last.

Q 1: How should the second line be written to be grammatically correct?
None of the above.
May I go out to play.
May I go out too play.
May I go out two play.

Q 2: What word best describes the spelling errors in this poem?

Q 3: How many mistakes are there in the first line?

Q 4: How did the boy get home?
He got lost and did not get home.
His mother came by and gave him a ride.
He walked.
A cart towed him and his sled home.

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