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Middle/High School Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics (AGS)
2.2 Graph for y x + 3

Draw a graph for y x + 3.

First we draw a straight line for y = x + 3.

The ordered pairs for the graph y = x+3.
y = x + 3-1012345
Ordered pairs(-4,-1)(-3,0)(-2,1)(-1,2)(0,3)(1,4)(2,5)

To find out the region for y x + 3, first we find out that the orgin lies in the region represented by the graph or not.
We substitute the coordinates of the origin (0,0) in the given inequation,
y x + 3, we get,
0 0 + 3
0 3, this is wrong.
The origin doew not lie in the half plane represented the graph.
Graph for y x + 3, is

The boundary line y = x + 3 lies in the region represented by above graph. The boundary line is drawn as a dark line. The region indicated by the graph is shaded.

Its solution set is {(x,y)/(x,y) R and y x + 3}

Directions: Draw the graphs for given conditions.

1. Draw a graph for y x + 6.

2. Draw a graph for y x + 1.

3. Draw a graph for y x + 2.

4. Draw a graph for y x + 4.

5. Draw a graph for y x + 5.

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