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Grade 7 English
4.13 Stock Investing

Directions: Learn about investing in stocks and answer the following questions. Write an informative essay about investing in stocks.
Q 1: A ________ is an organization that provides a marketplace (either physical or virtual) for trading shares.
super market
trading post
finance mall
stock exchange

Q 2: Buying stock on margin means
buying stock with borrowed money
buying IPO stock
buying stock without a broker
selling first and then buying later

Q 3: The most common method of buying and selling stocks is through a stock broker. There are two types of stock brokers known as full service brokers and ________.
half service brokers
virtual brokers
bond brokers
discount brokers

Q 4: Discount brokers such as E-Trade, Scottrade, and Ameritrade do not offer investment advice, but offer
free product samples
unlimited loans
low commission rates on trading
discounted share prices

Q 5: Who elects members of the board of directors of a public company?
citizen voters

Q 6: The finance term 'stock' (or 'share' in British English) represents
service offered by a company
ownership in a public company
debt issued by a public company
products of a company

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