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Upper Elementary Science - II
4.6 Sound

What does sound travel through?

Sound can travel through all kinds of matter: through solids, liquids and through gases. At first we might not think that sound travels through solids, since walls are build to keep out sounds. But, sometimes we hear laughter or talking from the room the next door.

Drum your finger on a table. Now rest your ear right on the tableís surface and drum your fingers on it again. It sounds louder. Thatís because the sound is traveling through the solid table.

Sound travels through liquids too. Some animals like the whales and dolphins, depend upon sound that travels through the water. Whales sing underwater and can hear each other from more than a mile away.

Every time you speak, you prove that sound travels through gases, since the sound of the voice is traveling through the air, which is made of gases like oxygen.

The speed of sound:
Sound travels much more slowly than light. In air, sound travels at about 1086 feet per second, or about 740 miles per hour. Itís still very fast than a car going 55 miles per hour on a highway! But there are jets that can fly as fast as the speed of sound. When these jets go even faster than the speed of sound, we say that they have broken the speed barrier.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: Some jets fly as fast as the speed of the sound.

Q 2: Every time we speak proves that
sound travels through liquid.
sound travels through gases.
sound travels through solid.

Q 3: Sound can travel only through liquid and gases.

Q 4: Sound travels at about _________ feet per second.

Q 5: We hear laughter or talking from the room the next door, is an example that shows that
sound travels through solid
sound travels through liquid
sound travels through gases

Q 6: A car travels faster than the sound.

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