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6.33 Solid Geometry - Review

Solid Geometry Review Test

Q 1: The base of a triangular prism is a right angled isosceles triangle. Equal sides are each 14cm. and height 12cm. Find its volume.
1172 cu. cm.
1174 cu. cm.
1178 cu. cm.
1176 cu. cm.

Q 2: The area of the base of a cone is 2464 Sq. cm. Its height is 96cm. Find its total surface area.
11248 Sq. cm.
11264 Sq. cm.
11268 Sq. cm.
11246 Sq. cm.

Q 3: From a cube of side 35 cm., a largest possible sphere is made. What is its volume?
22458.33 cu. cm.
22458.53 cu. cm.
22458.43 cu. cm.
22458.23 cu. cm.

Q 4: The base of a prism is an equilateral triangle of side 18cm. and height 15cm. Find its volume.
2401.38 cu. cm.
2104.83 cu. cm.
2104.38 cu. cm.
2014.38 cu. cm.

Q 5: The side of a cube is 11cm. Find its total surface area.
722 Sq. cm.
724 Sq. cm.
728 Sq. cm.
726 Sq. cm.

Q 6: It is required to make from a metal sheet a closed cylindrical tank of height 3m and base of radius 49cm. How many square meters of metal sheet is required.
10.75 Sq. m.
10.07 Sq. m.
10.05 Sq. m.
10.49 Sq. m.

Q 7: Base circumference of a cylinder is 22cm. its height is 10cm. Find its curved surface area.
228 Sq. cm.
222 Sq. cm.
220 Sq. cm.
224 Sq. cm.

Q 8: The sides of a triangular prism are 17cm., 19cm. and 21cm. its height is 15cm. Find the total length of its edges.

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