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High School Mathematics
4.25 Solid Geometry Final Review - II

Directions: Choose the correct answer.
Q 1: The ratio of the radius and height of a cylinder is 4:5. The radius is 20 cm. Find its curved surface area.
3142.86 Sq. cm.
3146.86 Sq. cm.
3144.86 Sq. cm.
3148.86 Sq. cm.

Q 2: The ratio of the radius and height of a cylinder is 5:2 radius is 35 cm. Find its volume.
53960 cu. cm.
53900 cu. cm.
53920 cu. cm.
None of these

Q 3: It is required to make from a metal sheet a closed cylindrical tank of eight 1.5 m. and base of radius 63 cm. How many square meters of metal sheet is required?
8.42 Sq. cm.
8.46 sq. cm.
8.48 Sq. cm.
8.44 Sq. cm.

Q 4: A rectangle piece of a paper is 44 cm long and 5 cm wide. A cylinder is formed by rolling the paper along its length. Find the volume of the cylinder.
774 cu. cm.
776 cu. cm.
770 cu. cm.
772 cu. cm.

Q 5: Find the lateral surface area of a right circular cylinder if its base has a radius of 1.75 cm. and its height is 20 cm.
226 Sq. cm.
224 sq. cm.
228 Sq. cm.
220 Sq. cm.

Q 6: The ratio of the radius and height of a cylinder is 4:3. The radius is 16 cm. Find its total surface area.
2816 Sq. cm.
2812 Sq. cm.
2814 Sq. cm.
2818 Sq. cm.

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