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Middle/High School Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics (AGS)
9.18 Frequency Polygon without Histograms

Frequency Polygons can be drawn independently without drawing the histograms.
In drawing a histogram of a given frequency distribution, we take the following steps:

Step 1. : If the frequency table is in the inclusive form, we first convert it into an exclusive form and make it a continuous interval.
Step 2. :To complete the polygon we assume a class interval with zero frequency preceding the first class interval and a class interval with zero frequency succeeding the last class interval.
Step 3. : Taking a suitable scale, we represent class marks along x axis.
Step 4. : Taking a suitable scale, we represent frequency along y axis.
Step 5. : We plot the corresponding points and join it with the help of line segment.
Consider the following example.
In a city, the following weekly observations were made in a study on cost of living index :

Following is the frequency polygon for the above data

Directions: On the basis of the given information answer the following questions

Q 1: Write down the corresponding class interval for the class mark 145.
140 - 150
170 - 180
150 - 160
160 - 170

Q 2: The maximum frequency corresponds to which class mark?

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