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Upper Elementary Science - II
3.31 Waste Management

What is waste management? Collection, recycling, and disposal of waste is called waste management.

What is the purpose of recycling? The purpose of recycling is to reduce the amount of garbage and hence curb pollution.

Can all wastes be recycled? No, not all wastes can be recycled. Plastic is such an example.

What happens when substances cannot be recycled? They are dumped everywhere creating environmental pollution.

Hazardous wastes: A hazardous waste is a waste that is either toxic (poisonous), can catch fire, corrode other materials, or react with other chemicals.

Solid waste: Solid waste generally refers to the paper, aluminum cans, glass jars, plastic bottles, spoiled food, broken TV sets, old stoves, junk cars, and other such trash and garbage.

Hazardous wastes can pollute the land. They can even pollute the water that is underneath, or next to, the polluted land.

Open garbage dumps are the places where all our garbage goes. This can be a breeding place for flies and mosquitoes. Also the wind could cause movement of litter.

A sanitary land-fill is an improved form of the garbage dumps. In a sanitary landfill, a layer of soil is applied daily over the waste which keeps pests away. Also these days, the land-fills are equipped with a gas extract system. The land-fills are closed and gas extract system is installed. This extracts the gas from the garbage. This gas is often burnt in a gas engine to generate electricity.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: Which of these can be recycled
Old Newspaper
A plastic cup
An old TV

Q 2: The gas from the garbage can be used to produce electricity.

Q 3: A sanitary land-fill, a thin layer of soil covers the garbage.

Q 4: which of the following cannot be recycled
Your old books
A plastic container
A bottle
A metal can

Q 5: Hazardous waste
generates electricity
can be recycled
react with other wastes forming poisonous products

Q 6: Which of these is right
Disposal, collection and recycling
Collection, recycling and disposal
Recycling, collection and disposal

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