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Upper Elementary Science - II
3.28 How do Seas get their Colors?

Sunlight is made of seven colors VIBGYOR where:
  • V - Violet
  • I - Indigo
  • B - Blue
  • G - Green
  • Y - Yellow
  • O - Orange
  • R - Red
Some of the sunlight is reflected off the surface of the water, reflecting the color of the sky. i.e., blue. Some of the sunlight penetrates the water and is influenced by the particles and ripples in it. In deep water, much of the sunlight is scattered by the oxygen in the water, and this scatters more of the blue light. Water absorbs more of the red light in sunlight; the water also enhances the scattering of blue light.
  • The Red Sea often looks red because of red algae that live in this sea.
  • The Black Sea looks almost black because it has a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide.

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: Water absorbs more of
yellow light
red light
blue light

Q 2: The Red sea is red because of the presence of
water absorbs red light
red algae
oxygen absorbs red light

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