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Prefixes - Mis, Un, Re, and Pre

The prefix mis means wrong.
The prefix un means not.
The prefix pre means before.
The prefix re means again.


Mismatch means to match wrongly.
Unsolved means not solved.
Preview means to see in advance.
Redo means to do again.

prefixwordNew word New meaning
mis + understand = misunderstand Not Understand
mis + judge = misjudge judge wrongly
mis + remember = misremember not remember
mis + quote = misquote quote wrongly
mis + match = mismatch match wrongly
mis + direct = misdirect direct wrongly

Other examples: miscalculate, misprint, mistrust, misdeed, misfire, misbehave, mislabel

prefixwordNew word New meaning
un + avoidable = unavoidable not avoidable
un + necessary = unnecessary not necessary
un + decided = undecided not decided
un + solved = unsolved not solved
un + opposed = unopposed not opposed
un + framed = unframed not framed

Other examples: undisturbed, unorganized, unpatriotic, unshaken, unmotivated, unmerited

prefixwordNew word New meaning
pre + arrange = prearrange arrange before
pre + wash = prewash wash before
pre + cook = precook cook before
pre + select = preselect select before
pre + determine = predetermine determine before

Other examples: prefix, prewar, preflight, preconceive, preheat

prefixwordNew word New meaning
re + apply = reapply apply again
re + pay = repay pay again
re + count = recount count again
re + arrange = rearrange arrange again
re + cook = recook cook again
re + select = reselect select again

Other examples: re-fix, recolor, reinspect, rediscover, reheat
Directions: Fill in the blanks to make meaningful sentences. Also, write five example words and sentences using each of the prefixes 'mis', 'un', 're', and 'pre'.
Q 1: She ________ me because she showed me the wrong way to solve an addition problem.

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