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Kindergarten Reading and Math
3.41 The Lion and the Mouse

Once when a lion was asleep, a little mouse began running up and down on him; this soon wakened the lion, who placed his huge paw upon him, and opened his big jaws to swallow him.

"Pardon, O King," cried the little mouse, "forgive me this time, I shall never forget your favor. Who knows, I may be able to help you one of these days."

The lion was so tickled at the idea of the mouse being able to help him, that he lifted up his paw and let him go.

A few days later, a few hunters caught the lion and tied him to a tree while they went in search of a wagon to carry him on.

Just then the little mouse happened to pass by, and seeing the sad plight of the lion, went up to him and soon gnawed away the ropes that bound the king of the animals.

Directions: Read the following story and answer the questions. Draw and color the pictures of the lion and the mouse. As a homework, read another story and draw and color the characters in it.
Q 1: What was the lion doing when the mouse was jumping on him?
The lion was eating.
The lion was hunting.
The lion was running.
The lion was sleeping.

Q 2: Who disturbed the king of the animals?
an ant
a mouse
a mosquito
a deer

Q 3: What did the lion do?
he ran to a village
he ate the mouse
he gave the mouse to the hunters
he let the mouse go

Q 4: What happened when the lion was disturbed?
he got angry
he ran away
he was scared
he was happy

Q 5: What does 'gnaw' mean?
to see
to smell
to run
to bite

Q 6: What did the mouse say to the lion?
I will fight you!
I am stronger than you.
I will help you some day.
I can run faster than you.

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