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Kindergarten Reading and Math
3.40 The Jay and the Peacock

A jay passes by a yard where peacocks usually come and finds some peacock feathers and stuffs them on his back.

He then walks to a group of peacocks to play with them. But soon the peacocks discover the cheat. They peck at him and pull out all the peacock feathers.

He then goes back to his group of jays who are also equally annoyed with him and tell him,

"Don't copy others. You are special in your own way!"

Directions: Read the above story and answer the following questions. Color the above pictures. As a homework, read another story and draw and color the characters in it.
Q 1: What is the lesson from this story?
Peacock feathers are not beautiful.
It is better to play alone.
Don't copy others; you are special in your own way!

Q 2: What did the jay find in the yard?
peacock feathers

Q 3: What do the peacocks do to the jay?
they keep playing with him
they pull out the peacock feathers from his back
they give him more peacock feathers

Q 4: What did the jay do with the peacock feathers?
he gave them to the peacocks
he stuffed them on his back
he ate them
he threw them away

Q 5: When he walks to the group of peacocks, what happens?
they admire him
they do not care about him
they find that he was not a real peacock

Q 6: Why do you think jay wanted to look like a peacock?
because other jays wanted him to
because he thought peacocks were beautiful
because the peacocks wanted to play with him

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