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Grade 5 - Mathematics
Fractions Story Problems - 1

  1. A fraction is a number representing a part of a whole or is an operation on a number. The whole may be a single object or a group of objects.
  2. When expressing a situation of counting parts to write a fraction, it must be ensured that all parts are equal.
  3. In 5/7, 5 is called the numerator and 7 is called the denominator. Denominator and numerator can be identified for any fraction.
  4. Fractions can be shown on a number line. Any fraction has a point associated with it on the number line.
  5. In a proper fraction, the numerator is less than the denominator. The fractions, where the numerator is bigger than the denominator are called improper fractions. Improper fraction can be written as a combination of a whole and a part, and are then called mixed fractions.
  6. Two fractions are said to be equivalent if they represent the same quantity. Each proper or improper fraction has infinite equivalent fractions. To find an equivalent fraction of a given fraction, we may multiply or divide both the numerator and the denominator of the given fraction by the same number.
  7. A fraction is said to be in the simplest (or lowest) form if its numerator and the denominator have no common factor except 1.

Directions: Solve the following word problems. Also write at least ten examples of your own.

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