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Grade 5 - Mathematics
6.20 Measurements Review Test

Q 1: A piece of paper is 15 centimeters (cm) long and 14 centimeters (cm) wide. What is the area of the paper?
116 square cm
29 square cm
58 square cm
210 square cm

Q 2: How many ounces make a pound?

Q 3: How many milliliters are there in a liter?

Q 4: When you add or subtract lengths that are in different units you need to regroup them.

Q 5: Your grandfather is 65 years and 4 months old and your father is exactly half as old as your grandfather. How old is your father?
32 years and 2 months
33 years and 2 months
32 years and 4 months
32 years and 8 months

Q 6: Which of these is greater 1 yard or 4 feet?

Q 7: What is the best way to measure the distance from your house to the mall?

Q 8: Add: 1 ft 3 in + 2 ft 4 in =
3 ft 7 in
2 ft 6 in
12 ft in

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