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Grade 5 - Mathematics
6.20 Measurements Review Test

Q 1: Subtract: 21 ft 4 in - 15 ft 9 in =
5 ft 5 in
5 ft 7 in
7 ft 5 in

Q 2: Your school is 1 km east of your home and the library is 500 m east of the school? How far is the library from your home?
1.5 km
1.500 m
1 km
500 m

Q 3: Aaron and Denise are running races against Bob and Cindy. Each person will run twice against the two runners on the other team. How many total races will be run?
6 races
8 races
3 races
4 races

Q 4: How many hectares are there in one square kilometre?

Q 5: How many feet make a mile?

Q 6: How many inches make a foot?

Q 7: A runs 2.5 km on Monday, 3 meters on Tuesday and 5 km on Wednesday. How many meters did he cover on all the three days?

Q 8: Jake went on a walk to a nearby park. He walked a total of 2.5 hm. How many meters did Jake walk altogether?
.25 m
2.5 m
250 m
25 m

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