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Grade 5 - Mathematics
7.20 Plane Figures Review Test

Q 1: You measure an angle by measuring the size of its opening in degrees by placing the protractors center on the vertex of the angle and the zero mark along one ray.

Q 2: A parallelogram with four sides of the same length is called

Q 3: If the diameter of the circle is 25 cm, what is its radius?
125 cm
12.5 cm
1.25 cm

Q 4: What would you need to know to put a fence around a yard?
area and perimeter

Q 5: In the circle shown what the segments of equal length

DT, TR and DS
DR, DR and DS
DT, DR and DS

Q 6: To lay carpeting in a room, you need to know the
area of the room
perimeter of the room
the area and perimeter of the room

Q 7: A triangle with one angle 90 degrees is called

acute triangle
right triangle
obtuse triangle

Q 8: The diagonals of parallelogram

are not of equal length
are of equal length

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