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American History
1.18 Cabot Voyages Again

The Cabots set out on a second voyage to the west. They reached the gloomy cliffs of Labrador on the northeastern coast of America, and they passed many immense icebergs. They saw numbers of Indians dressed in the skins of wild beasts, and polar bears white as snow. These bears were great swimmers, and would dive into the sea and come up with a large fish in their claws. As it did not look to the Cabots as if the polar bears and the icebergs would guide them to the warm countries of Asia and the Spice Islands, they turned about and went south. They sailed along what is now the eastern coast of the United States for a very long distance; but not finding any passage through to the countries they were seeking, they returned to England.

The English now began to see what an immense extent of land they had found beyond the Atlantic. They could not tell, however, whether it was a continent by itself or a part of Asia. Like everybody in Europe, they called it the New World, but all that name really meant then was simply the New Lands across the sea.

Not many years after this the New World received the name by which we now call it. An Italian navigator whose first name was Amerigo made a voyage to it after it had been discovered by Columbus and the Cabots. He wrote an account of what he saw, and as this was the first printed description of the continent, it was named from him, AMERICA.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
  1. Imagine you are Amerigo. Write an account of the New World in your voice.

Q 1: Why did Cabot return home?
the king ordered him to
he was too old
he could not find a passage to Asia

Q 2: Who was America named after?
Cabot's son
an Italian navigator
an Italian map maker

Q 3: What were the Indians dressed in?
animal skins
grass skirts

Q 4: Who wrote the first printed description of America?

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