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Grade 6 - Mathematics
1.44 Numeration Review Test

Q 1: Name the property shown here:
ax(b+c) = (axb) + (axc)
Additive Identity
None of these
Distributive Property of Addition over Multiplication
Distributive Property of Multiplication over Addition

Q 2: Determine the difference of the place values of two 8s in 18738.

Q 3: Change 70 into binary system.

Q 4: If LCM of two numbers is 290 and their product is 7250, what will be its GCD?

Q 5: Divide 57699510 by 8745

Q 6: Determine the difference of place values of two 3s in 13.35.

Q 7: A natural number that has only one and itself as factors is called a ________.
Simple Number
Composite Number
Prime Number
Twin Prime

Q 8: Determine the difference of the place values of two 7s in 17867?

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