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Grade 6 - Mathematics
1.44 Numeration Review Test

Q 1: The GCD of two numbers is 3 and their LCM is 150. If one of the number is 15, what is the other number?

Q 2: Write the number (using comma separated notation): seven hundred eighty four million eight hundred thousand two hundred fifty eight

Q 3: Is 282 divisible by ____
both 2 and 3

Q 4: What least number should be added to 2200 to make it divisible by 11?

Q 5: What is the place value of 8 in 19,468,325?

Q 6: 560, Change the given Indo Arabic numeral into roman numeral?

Q 7: Two cans contain 60 and 165 liters of milk respectively. Find a can of maximum capacity which can measure the milk in the two cans integral number of times? (Hint: Find the GCD of given numbers)

Q 8: Name the property shown here:
ax(b+c) = (axb) + (axc)
Distributive Property of Multiplication over Addition
None of these
Additive Identity
Distributive Property of Addition over Multiplication

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