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American History
1.5 The Birth of New York

The Dutch in Holland heard of Manhattan Island. They sent out people to trade with the Indians, where the Indians had plenty of rich furs to sell. Dutch took possession of Hudson in 1614. They named it "New Netherlands", they built a fort and some log cabins on the lower end of Manhattan.  They called this little settlement "New Amsterdam", in remembrance of the port of Amsterdam in Holland from which Hudson sailed.  After fifty years "New Netherlands" was seized by the English in 1664.  They changed the name to "New York" in honor of the Duke of York. 

After hundred years the American war of Independence state.  Under the able leadership of George Washington, the rule of the English came to an end.  USA got independence.  Now New York is a largest and wealthiest city in America. The Statue of Liberty is seen at the entrance of the city. The New York port which is on Hudson river is one of the busiest sea ports in the world. Hudson would have felt happy if he is here to see this.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:

How did the Dutch start new settlements in Manhattan?

How did the rule of English come to an end in Hudson?

Q 1: Where is the Statue of Liberty?
Entrance of New Jersey
Entrance of New Zealand
Entrance of New York

Q 2: What was the new name of Manhattan
New Island
New Jersey
New Netherlands

Q 3: Who made the first settlement in Manhattan?
The French
The Dutch
The English

Q 4: English changed the name of Manhattan to New York in honor of
Duke of York
Duke of Earl
Duke of Manhattan

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