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American History
1.12 Acquaintance of Roger Williams with the Natives

Ten years after the pilgrims settlement at Plymouth, that is in 1630, a large company of English people under the leadership of John Winthrop came to New England. They settled near Plymouth and named it Boston. Shortly after a young minister named Roger Williams came over from England to join them. Roger Williams preached at Salem and Plymouth. Thus he got an acquaintance of many natives. He visited the Indians often and took much pain to learn their language. He spent great deal of time, in conversing with the Massasoit and his men in their dirty and smoky wigwams. He assured the Indians that he was their good friend and his heart's desire was to do good for them. Indians to liked him and were ready to do anything for him. A time came as we shall presently see, when they were able to do quite as much for him as he could for them.

The company that had settled in Boston held the land by the permission of the King of England. The King thought most of the land in America belong to him because John Cobot discovered it. John Cobot took possession of the land from Henry the seventh. It was in this way that English came to consider the eastern coast of North America was their property.

But Roger proclaimed the King had no right to the land unless he bought it from the Indians who were the inhabitants of the place. The people of Massachusetts were ready to pay the Indians a fair price for the land. But they were afraid to join with Roger, as he was preaching against the King. They believed if they allow him to go on speaking so boldly the English monarch would get angry with them and took away Massachusetts from them and give it to the new company. In that way the settlers would be the loosers. Their efforts would bear no fruit as they were not able to control Roger so they decided to seize him.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
1. How did Roger maintain friendly relationships with the Indians?
2. Why did the people of Massachusetts wished to get rid of Roger?

Q 1: What is the meaning of efforts bore no fruits?

Q 2: Why did the settlers of Massachusetts afraid of the King?
Because they would be punished very severely.
because he asked them to pay compensation.
They were afraid of the King because the English monarch would be angry with them and took away thei

Q 3: How did the young minister become popular?
He taught them the english language.
He learnt the local language of the Indians and moved with the people closely.
He worked and ploughed with them.

Q 4: Where did the young minister preach?
Massachusetts and Salem
New England and Massachusetts
Salem and Plymouth

Q 5: Name the captain who led the English people to New land?
John Cobot
Roger Williams
John Winthrop

Q 6: What was the name of the new settlement?

Q 7: What was the proclamation of Roger Williams?
Roger Williams proclaimed that the natives were the King.
Roger Williams proclaimed that he was the King
English monarch was not the owner only the natives.

Q 8: Who gave John Cobot permission to discover the new land?
Roger Williams
Henry the seventh

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