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American History
2.1 King Philip

The death of Massasoit resulted in many calamities. Firstly the relationship between the English and the Indians was strained. Secondly Massasoit's son "Wamsutta" and "Philip" did not have faith towards English, who were living near Mount Hope in Rhode Island. Thirdly it led to many wars between tribes and the White.

The Governor of Plymouth heard that Wamsutta was stiring up Indians to wage war on the whites. He sent for the Indian chief to give an account of himself. Wamsutta went but on his way back he suddenly fell ill. No sooner, did he reach home he died. Wamsutta's young wife was very important for the tribes. She told them that she was sure that the white people had poisoned her husband in order to get rid of him. Though it was not true the Indians believed it.

Philip became the king and called himself the "King Philip". His palace was a wigwam made of bark. During occassions he wore bright red blanket and a kind of crown made of a broad belt, ornamented with shells. Philip hated the English for the various reasons. They were:

  1. He believed that the English had murdered his brother Wamsutta.
  2. The English became more in number when compared to the natives.
  3. Ultimately the English became stronger and Indians viceversa.
  4. When the pilgrims landed in Plymouth, Philip's father held the country from Capecod to the eastern shores of Narragansett bay about 30 miles wide. Initially the white settlers bought a piece of land. By and by at the span of 50 years, the English got nearly all of what Massasoit's tribes had once owned. Then the tribe had two little necks of land which were nearly surrounded by the waters of Narragansett bay.
  5. The tribes felt that they were shut in that place like prisoners and watched by the English all time.


Therefore, he thought to fight against the English was the best way to get rid of them. He was as proud as the King of England. The war cloud surrounded the place. But though many Indians hated the white settlers, this was not true of all. John Elliot a minister persuaded some of the red men, near Boston to give up their religion and tried to live like the white people. They were called "Praying Indians". One of them who knew King Philips very well, informed the English that Philip's warriors were grinding their hatchets sharp for the war. Soon after this that praying Indian was found murdered. The English accused three men of Philip for the death of the Indian. The three men were tried found guilty and hanged.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
1. The death of Massasoit resulted in disaster - Discuss
2. Why did King Philip hate the English?
3. Write short notes on "Praying Indians

Q 1: Why did the Governor of Plymouth call Wamsutta?
Because he heard that Wamsutta was stiring up Indians to wage war on the whites.
To give him a party.
To negotiate with him.

Q 2: How did the tribes feel about their occupation of the land?
The tribes felt they were shut in the place like prisoners and were watched by the English all t
They felt that they were safe.
They felt it was good for cultivation

Q 3: Name the Minister who tried to change the religion of the Indians
Roger Williams
John Elliot

Q 4: What were the Indians called who followed the minister?
Praying Indians
Black Indians
White Indians

Q 5: What was worn by King Philip during occassions
He wore grey blanket with a silver crown studded with pearls.
He wore a bright red blanket, and a kind of crown made of a broad belt ornamented with shells.
He wore a silk robe and a golden crown studded with diamonds.

Q 6: What was the reason for the death of Wamsutta
Due to snake biting
Due to poison
Due to sickness

Q 7: How was King Philip?
He was very humble and king.
He was a very wise and noble King.
He was as proud as the King of England

Q 8: What was the ultimate decision taken by King Philip?
He decided to discuss the matter with the English.
He decided to fight against the English
He decided to maintain cordial relationship

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