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American History
2.22 The Fight at Swansea

The war broke out finally between the English and the Indians in 1675. Some White settlers were going home from church in the town of Swansea, Massachusetts. As they walked along the street they were shot down by the Indians. One of the men fell dead and another was badly hurt. This was the way the Indians fought with the English, though they were not coward they did not come out boldly. Often a white man would be killed without even seeing the man who shot him.

At first the fighting started in those village of Plymouth colony which were near to Narrangansett bay. Then it spread to the valley of Connecticut river and the neighborhood, Deerfield, Brookefield, Groton etc the Indians followed unscrupulous methods. They used to creep up stealthily in the night, burn the houses carry of women and children and made them prisoners if they could and killed the rest of the inhabitants, take their scalps home and hang them up in their wigwam.

At broo the settlers left their houses and gathered in a strong house. The Indians burnt all the houses in the village and tried their best to burn this house too. They dipped rags in brimstone (such as we make matches of) fastened them to the points of their arrows, set fire to them and then showed their blazing arrows into the shingles of the roof. When the Indians saw the shingles had caught up fire they rejoiced and roared like wild bulls. But the English in the house managed to put out the fire on the roof. When the savages saw this they got a cart and filled it with hay, set it on fire and pushed it up against the house. But to their dismay heavy rains, shattered their plans and saved the white people.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
1. What were the unscrupulous methods adopted by the Indians to fight against the English?
2. How did the Indians attack the Indians

Q 1: Where did the war take place at first?
New England
Swansea in Massachusetts

Q 2: Where did the war spread?
The war spread to the valley of Connecticut river and the neighborhood, Deerfield, Brookfield, Groto
The war spread to Plymouth, New England, Narragansett etc.
The war spread to New England, Plymouth and London.

Q 3: In modern days to fire : Match Stick :: The Red Indians used to fire .-------
Make use of firewood
Dipped rags in Brimstone
Make use of Brimstone

Q 4: Where did the settlers leave their house?
At broo
At Brookfield
At New England

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