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American History
2.17 The Quackers

Penn belonged to the religious society called the "Society of Friends". Today they are called Quackers. They are led by their instincts, they believe in showing no more signs of respect to one man than to another and at that time they would not take off their hats to the King himself. Hence, the King did not like them and treated them very cruelly. Penn took the issue in his hand and made a new settlement for the Quackers in Pennsylvania.

He sent number of emigrants who were anxious to settle in Pennsylvania. The very next year in the year 1682, he made ready to sail himself to with hundred more emigrants. Just before his departure he called on the King in his palace in London. The King was fond of joking and he told that he would never see Penn again, for King thought that Indians would eat Penn, because he was very handsome and fair. For that Penn told, that he would buy land from Indians and keep good terms with them. So, they would rather keep friendship than to eat him. The King exclaimed and told that the whole of America belonged to him, as it was discovered by John Cobot. Penn denied this. He reminded the King if a canoe full of Indians crossed the sea and entered England, then if they said that England was theirs what the King would do. The King kept quite, but he said to himself that the quackers are strange people, they seemed to think that even American savages have rights which should be respected.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
  1. How can you illustrate from the passage, that the quackers are peace loving and simple people with noble thoughts.
  2. What was the classical reply given by Penn to the King.

Q 1: How are Quackers?
They followed different religion other than christianity.
Led by their instincts and show respect only to God.
They wore different kind of dress to make them unique.

Q 2: Why did King say that he would never see Penn again?
Because Penn would be eaten by the animals.
Because Penn would be eaten of by the savages.
because Penn would be eaten by the sea monsters.

Q 3: Vessel : Light Boat :: Canoe : --------
A wigwam of the Quackers
A boat propelled by paddles
A ship in which the Quackers travelled

Q 4: Why did King say whole America belonged to him?
Because English people settleed there
Because it was discovered by Cobot
Because English Kings helped the discoverers.

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