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American History
2.21 Establisment of Georgia Settlement

What led General Oglethorpe start the new settlement in Georgia?
  1. General Ogle's friend had taken loan from somebody and he was unable to repay the same. Hence he was imprisoned and cruelly treated. There he fell sick and died leaving his family in disaster. The death of his friend was so much for General. He set to work to find out how other poor debtors lived in London prison.
  2. He soon found out apathy of the prisoners. They suffered terribly in prisons as they were over crowded and filthy. The prisoners were ragged and dirty. Some of them were fastened with heavy chain. Good many of them died of starvation.
  3. General Oglethorpe could not bear to see strong men killed off in this manner. He thought that if best of them, those were honest and willing to work could have been given a chance of earning their living, that they would soon do as well as any men.

General Oglethorpe approached King George and persuaded him to give a piece of land for the deprived and underpriveleged people to settle. The two colonies farthest south were North Carolina and South Carolina. In 1733 James Oglethorpe, a brave English soldier, who afterward became General Oglethorpe, came over here to make a new settlement. This new one, which made just thirteen[4] in all, was called Georgia in honor of King George the Second, who gave a piece of land for it, on the seacoast, below South Carolina.

General Oglethorpe took 35 English families to America in the 1733. They settled on a high banks of river Savannah about twenty five miles away from the sea. The General laid out a town with broad, straight well planned street with many small squares or Parks. This settlement was called "Savannah", after the river Savannah.

The people of Charleston were glad to have English neighbors in the South that would help them to fight the Spaniards of Florida who hated the English and wanted to drive them out. They gave the emigrants a hundred herds of cattle, a drove of hogs and twenty barrels of rice. The emigrants worked enthusiastically. They cut down the forest trees, built houses and planted gardens. Except alligators from the Savannah river there was no disturbance for the settlers. However, the alligators were learnt not to come inside the settlement.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
  1. Some of the causes that led General Oglethorpe to make a new settlement
  2. Write short notes on the town planning of Savannah

Q 1: When did Georgia take some of English families to America

Q 2: What was the only disturbance for the new settlers?
The alligators of the river.
The crocodiles of the river.
The snakes of the river.

Q 3: Why did the people of Charleston help the new settlers?
To fight against the Spaniards of Florida.
To fight against the wild beasts
To fight against the Aligators

Q 4: Starvation : Suffer from hunger :: Apathy : -------
Feel sympathy
Ready to suffer
Insensibility to suffering

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