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American History
2.3 Sawdust Pudding

When Franklin reached London, he found that the governor was one of those men who promise great things, but do nothing. Therefore, he did not like to stay in London. He decided to get back to America. After his return he worked diligently that he was soon able to get up a newspaper of his own. He tried to make it a good one. But some people thought that he spoke his mind so freely. They complained of this to him and made it very clear if he did not make his paper to please them, they would stop buying it or advertising in it.

Franklin listened them very calmly. Then he invited them all to his house to have supper with him. They went expecting a great feast. But to their astonishment they found nothing on the table except two dishes of corn meal mush and a big pitcher of cold water. That kind of mush was then eaten only by very poor people and because it was yellow and coarse,it was nick named "Sawdust Pudding"

Franklin gave everybody a heaping plateful and then filling his own. He made a hearty supper of it. The others tried to eat but could not. After Franklin had finished his supper he said calmly, "My friends, any one who can live on 'sawdust pudding' and cold water, as I can, does not need much help from others." After that no one went to the young printer with complaints about his paper. Franklin had learnt to stoop, but he certainly did not mean to go stooping through life.

Not many young men can see their own faults, but Franklin could. More than that, he tried hard to get rid of them. He kept a little book in which he wrote down his faults. If he wasted half an hour of time or a shilling of money, or said anything that he had better not have said, he wrote it down in his book. He carried that book in his pocket all his life, and he studied it as a boy at school studies a hard lesson. By it he learned three things,—first, to do the right thing; next, to do it at the right time; last of all, to do it in the right way.

As he was never tired of helping himself to get upward and onward, so, too, he was never tired of helping others. He started the first public library in Philadelphia, which was also the first in America. He set on foot the first fire-engine company and the first military company in that city. He got the people to pave the muddy streets with stone; he helped to build the first academy,—now called the University of Pennsylvania,—and he also helped to build the first hospital.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions. Also, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:
  1. Why did some people object his newspaper?
  2. Explain Sawdust Pudding?

Q 1: Why was it named so?
Because it was yellow and coarse.
Because it was prepared out of corn which was looking like saw.
Because it was like sawdust

Q 2: What were the dishes offered by Benjamin for supper?
Stale bread and pitcher of cold water.
Corn and pitcher of cold water.
two dishes of corn meal mush and a big pitcher of cold water.

Q 3: He worked diligently it means
Hardwork with sincerity

Q 4: What was the nick name given to Benjamin's dish?
Sawdust Pudding
Corndust Pudding
Pudding of Corn

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