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American History
5.1 Review Test 1

Q 1: Who wrote the first printed description of America?

Q 2: "Now General Gage look out for your nose" - This statement echos that the Americans were ---------- towards the English.

Q 3: What does it mean to furl sails?
roll up
put down
let down

Q 4: In the hawk war Abraham told that he fought with the mosquitoes. It illustrates ------------
He never killed a single Indian.
He considered Indians as mosquitoes and killed them.
He fought with the mosquitoes and wamps actually.

Q 5: What was the only disturbance for the settlers in Savannah?
Snakes from Savannah river
Aligators from Savannah river
Crocodiles from Savannah river

Q 6: How did the author describe Washington?
He had blue keen pierceful eyes and strong fist like a blacksmith's sledge hammer.
Very courageous and hard working individual
Very tall and smart soldier.

Q 7: Which is called Lone star state?

Q 8: What do you mean by Perinneal river?
River that is longest.
River that never has water.
River which has water throughout the year.

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