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Grade 6 English
4.20 Writing Effective Introductions for Speech and Essay

A good introduction should gain audience attention and interest. There are many different methods to accomplish this. Below are different introductions for a speech on the topic of smoking and lung cancer.

  • Ask a Rhetorical Question: This is a question that really does not expect a spoken response, but will get the audience thinking about your topic.

    How many people will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year? (broad question)
    How many of these people are smokers?(specific question)
    Will you know one of these people?(personal question, contains word "you")
    Lung cancer effects many families in the U.S.. (relate to audience)

  • Statistical Fact: Using startling data to gain audience attention.

    1 in 14 men and women will be diagnosed with cancer of the lung and bronchus during their lifetime. (statistic)
    In many patients, the cancer has already spread beyond the original site by the time they have symptoms and seek medical attention. (relate to audience)

  • Anecdote: A short personal story that builds credibility.

    When I was young, my grandfather always had a cigarette hanging from his lips. (anecdote)
    I know that many of you grew up with a smoker in the family (relate to audience)

  • Famous Quote: Be sure to state who the quote is from.

    If you took 1,000 young adult smokers, one will be murdered, six will die on the roads, but 500 will die from tobacco. Richard Peto spoke these words.....

  • Question the audience: Audience can respond by a show of hands.

    How many of you have a smoker in your family?

Directions: For each of the topics written below, write a short introduction for each of the types of introductions listed above.

1. Television and kids
2. Study Habits
3. Healthy Eating

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