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Grade 7 English
4.25 Transitions

The use of transitional words and phrases will provide logical organization and a smooth flow of ideas in your writing by linking one idea to the next. Transitional words and phrases can link one sentence to another, or one paragraph to the next. In this way they help the reader follow the movement of the paper, to understand what was just read, and to anticipate and better comprehend what is about to follow.

There are different types of transitional words and phrases that may be used in writing, depending upon the kind of logical relationship you wish to convey. For example, if you want to emphasize a point, you would use "indeed" or "in fact". If you wanted to stress additional support, you would use "furthermore" or "in addition". There are many transitional words and phrases to choose from.

Example: Although the book was interesting, I did not like the ending.
Most women like to go to the movies; in contrast, most men prefer to rent a video.
The essay is due on Tuesday; in addition, you must also complete the vocabulary list.

Study the list below, and keep it for future reference.

Transitions that guide readers to additional information or to continue an idea you are writing about:

alsoandas previously stated
at the same timebesidesequally important
finallyfirst, second, thirdin addition
incidentallyindeedin fact
lastlymoreovernot only this
nextwhat's morewhile

Transitions that guide reader into more specific examples:

as an illustrationfor examplefor instance
in particularnotablyspecifically
that isto demonstratedto illustrate

Transitions that guide readers through a time frame:

after a few minutesafterwardsat the same time
in the futurein the meantimelater
soon afterafter a whilethen

Transitions to show reader cause and effect:

as a resultas a consequencebecause of this
for this reasonhenceso

Transitions that guide reader to the cause of something:

because ofsincedue to

Transitions that guide reader to compare/contrast:

althoughand yetbut
at the same timeconverselydespite
neverthelessin contrasthowever
in spite ofnonethelesson the other hand
on the contraryregardlessthough
yetin comparisonhowever
likewisesimilarlywhile this is true

Transitions that clarify or emphasize a previous point:

in other wordsput another waythat is to say
in factas a matter of factindeed
obviouslyundoubtedlyin any event

Transitions that use repetition to stress a point already made:

as already statedas I have notedas mentioned
as mentionedin briefas noted earlier
in shortin summaryas indicated above

Transitions that acknowledge opposing points reader may have:

certainlyno doubtgranted that
to be sureof courseobviously

Transitions that ignore reader's opposing points:

in either caseat any ratein any event
either waywhatever happensin either event

Transitions that summarize a point you've already made:

all in allas I mentionedas I stated
given these factsin briefin short
overallthereforeto put it briefly

Transitions that guide readers to a conclusion:

as a resultconsequentlyfinally
in conclusionin summaryoverall
summing upto summarizethen
to concludethereforethus

Directions: Write a 3 paragraph essay on the topic of your choice using transitions from the list above.

Have your essay responses graded by your teacher and enter your score here!

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