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Grade 5 - English Language
4.20 Writing Process Steps - Doing Research

Here are the steps in a typical writing process:

1. Doing research and brainstorming
2. Preparing a draft
3. Revising for completeness and organization
4. Editing for grammar and spelling
5. Publishing

Here are suggestions for doing research on your topic:

  • Talk to your teacher, parent, or a local librarian to find out good sources of information for your topic.
  • Collect relevant reference sources such as encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, fact books, text books, and magazines. Often, websites and other online resources are good sources of information as well.
  • Go through your reference sources and take notes.
  • Organize your notes, brainstorm, and prepare your first draft.

Directions: Select one of the topics given below, do research, and write an essay.

  • What causes the holes in the ozone layer of Earth's atmosphere? Is there any way we can reverse this phenomenon?

  • Discuss the causes of The American Civil War.

  • Discuss and evaluate arguments for and against animal rights

  • Home-school education vs. public school education

  • Discuss the causes of The Great Depression.

  • How can the rainforests be protected?