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Grade 2 - English Language
3.17 Verbs - 1

Verbs are action words.

Examples: In the following sentences, the words in bold are verbs.

We wash our hands before and after meals.
The sun rises in the east.
Many people use computers.
My uncle wears glasses.

Directions: Find the verbs in the sentences given below. Write ten more sentences of your own and identify the verbs in them. As a homework, read a book and write ten sentences from it and underline the verbs in those sentences.
Q 1: Laura and Mary lived in a little log house in the big woods.

Q 2: We wanted to skate last Friday.
wanted, skate
wanted, skate, Friday

Q 3: Some robins are making their nests outside our school building.
are, making, nests
are, making

Q 4: Mrs. Whitehead came to our room and read us a story.
came, read, story
came, room, read, story
came, read
came, our, room

Q 5: Tiger, our cat, ate four mice on Friday.
ate, four
ate, four, mice
ate, on, Friday

Q 6: You should wait until the bus stops completely before climbing down from it.
wait, stops, climbing
wait, comes, down
should, stops, down
comes, stops, climbing

Q 7: We watched the birds eat seeds and fly away.
watched, eat, fly
watched, eat, seeds, away
watched, eat, away
watched, eat, seeds

Q 8: A new baby zebra was born at the zoo last month.
was, born
was, zoo

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