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Grade 8 English
4.22 The Argumentative/Persuasive Essay

The Argumentative/Persuasive essay has five main parts:

The introduction, which pulls in the audience, establishes a connection with the readers, and states the general theme or thesis of the argument (your position or stance). You can attain reader interest by using an anecdote or quotation, a shocking statistic or fact, or by restating the problem in a new way. The introduction usually concludes with a solid, comprehensible thesis statement; if you do not have a sentence that clearly says what point you are supporting, you need to rework the introduction.

The narration, which sums up applicable background information, informs the audience about the circumstances that produce the argument, and inform the audience about what’s at risk. Include any relevant background information, history, statistics, and so on that affect your argument. The narration may be combined with the introduction of the essay.

The confirmation or body of the essay, outlines in a logical order (usually strongest to weakest) the evidence that will support the thesis. You can support your arguments with evidence in the form of facts, data, statistics, examples, and so on. Use clear topic sentences that state the main point of each paragraph.

The refutation and concession looks at opposing viewpoints to the writer’s claims and anticipates objections from the audience. When you show that you have anticipated possible opposition and objections, and can refute those objections, you defuse the audience’s ability to oppose you and convince them to accept your point of view. If there are points on which you happen to agree with your opposition, conceding the points creates goodwill and respect without weakening your thesis.

The conclusion should strengthen the force of the argument and show the readers that your point of view is the best. Do not simply restate the claims and thesis, but do refer back to the narration and the issues. It is important that you remind your readers what’s at stake here, and show why your thesis offers the best solution to the issue being faced.

Directions: Choose one of the following topics, decide on your position on the topic, and write a 5 paragraph argumentative/persuasive essay:

  • Should drivers of automobiles be prohibited from using cellular phones?

  • Is a vegetarian diet is as healthy as a diet containing meat?

  • Does (rock/rap/pop) music negatively influences teenagers?

  • Should animals be cloned?

  • The driving age should/should not be raised to 18?

  • Should college athletes be paid?

  • Should cell phones be allowed at school?

  • Should off-shore drilling be banned?

As homework, select another topic from the above list, use MyndBook ( to create a note map of your ideas and then write your essay.

Have your essay responses graded by your teacher and enter your score here!

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