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2.28 Triangles Review Test

Q 1: In triangle ABC, D and E are the points on AB and AC. BD = 30, DA = x, BF = y, EC = 15, AC = 22. Find AD.

Q 2: Find the perimeter of a triangle whose sides are 33.25 cm, 52.45 cm and 49.30 cm. (Type the answer as Number space Units)

Q 3: Find the measure of each of the interior angles of a regular polygon of 10 sides.

Q 4: If two angles and a side of one triangle are respectively equal to two angles and the corresponding side of another triangle, then the two triangles are congruent.
SAS Property
RHS Property
ASA Property
SSS Property

Q 5: Triangle PQR is equilateral. QR = 30 units, B is the midpoint of QA. QA is perpendicular to PR. What is the length of PB?
23 cm
24 cm
19.84 cm

Q 6: The sum of the interior angles of a polygon of 7 sides is ____ degrees.

Q 7:

105 degrees
60 degrees
45 degrees

Q 8: A (an) ________ angled triangle has its angle measures as 100 degrees, 60 degrees and 20 degrees.

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