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Grade 4 - Mathematics
12.13 Points on a Grid

Coordinate plane
  • Coordinate plane has two axes. They intersect at right angle and form four quadrants.
  • The two number lines form the axes.
  • The horizontal number line is called the x-axis.
  • The vertical number line is called the y-axis.
  • The center of the coordinate plane is called the origin. It has the coordinates of (0,0).
  • Locations of points on the plane can be plotted when one coordinate from each of the axes are used. This set of x and y values are called ordered pairs.
  • The points in a grid are named by ordered pairs.
  • The first number gives the position to the right of 0.
  • The second number gives the position above 0.
  • The axes along which the ordered pairs are marked are called co-ordinate axes.
Example: What is the ordered pair of point A?

Answer: (2,1)

Directions: Answer the following questions. Also take a graph paper and plot at least 15 points and label the ordered pair.

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Grade 4 - Mathematics
12.13 Points on a Grid

Q 1: The location of a point A is named by ordered pair (2,1). The first number of the ordered pair tell you how many units
to the rights a point is from zero
up a point is from zero

Q 2: ____ are ordered pairs of numbers written within parentheses and used to locate points on coordinate axes.
coordinate grid
ordered number pairs

Q 3: In the figure what is the point with ordered pair (4,5).


Q 4: In the figure name the location or ordered pair of point C.


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