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Grade 5 - Mathematics
9.13 Average - Word Problems

  1. Read the questions carefully.
  2. Find the average of the following.
Example: If the average of four tests of a student is 75 and wants to raise to 80 what must he score in the fifth test?
Average of four tests = 75
Total /4 = 75
Hence total = 75 x 4 = 300
To make the average 80
Total/5 = 80
Hence total = 400
The number he must score in fifth test = 400- 300
Answer: 100

Directions: Solve the following questions. Also write at least 10 examples of your own.
Q 1: How can the 5th grade Teacher, Mrs Webb find the average number of questions out of 20 that peter has gotten right on his last five quizzes. His score have been 12,12,13,15 and 17. (hint: round the average)

Q 2: In a Grocery store, AJ sold 17 on Monday, 35 on Tuesday, 40 on Wednesday, 13 on Thursday, and 26 on Friday. What was her average sales per day?

Q 3: On Jessica's first three tests she had an average of 72. If she wants to raise that average by 4 points, what must she get on her fourth test?

Q 4: Jan swims an average of 2.75 miles per day. If she swims for 8 days, how many miles will she have gone?

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