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Lower Elementary Science
2.13 The Skeletal System

Q 1: The heart and lungs have the protective armor called _____
rib cage

Q 2: Like other cells in your body, the bone cells rely on blood to keep them alive. Blood brings them food and oxygen and takes away waste.

Q 3: Many bones are hollow. Their hollowness makes bones strong and light. Bone marrow present in the center of many bones makes ________.
blood cells

Q 4: When you were born you had over 300 bones. As you grew, some of these bones began to fuse together. So, an adult has only 206 bones.

Q 5: _____ provides the structure which enables you to stand erect instead of lying like a puddle on the floor.
Thigh bone

Q 6: Bones are hard, but they can break, such as when a person takes a bad fall. Doctors can fix most broken bones. They use ______ machine to take pictures of the bones through the skin.
a y-ray
an x-ray
a z-ray

Q 7: ____ system forms the shape or the body, and protects the internal organs. It works closely with the muscular system to allow us to move.

Q 8: ______ is a series of fused bones, that acts like a hard protective helmet for your brain.
Thigh bone

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