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Lower Elementary Science
1.2 Measuring Space

If you need to buy some milk, how much milk do you need to buy? What unit of measurement will you use to answer that question? You need to know how much space it takes up. We can use many different units to measure how much space something takes up.

The units for measuring liquids are 'gallon' and 'quart'. Another unit for measuring how much space something takes up is a 'cup'. Not just any cup, like a paper cup or a plastic cup, but a certain amount that we all agree is one cup.

Example: For baking a cake, a cup is used to measure the ingredients. When you shop for milk, you can buy a quart. Or you can buy a gallon. You could buy four quarts, but it would be easier to buy one gallon; that is because four quarts is same as one gallon.

Let us find out how many cups are in a quart. Fill the measuring cup with water up to the line that marks 1 cup. Now carefully pour the water into the quart container. Do this again and again till the quart container is full. Did you get four cups in a quart?

Directions: Answer the following questions.
Q 1: How many cups make a quart?

Q 2: If you go to a grocery store what will you ask for?
an inch of milk
a length of milk
a degree of milk
a gallon of milk

Q 3: The unit for measuring how much space something takes up is a __________.
feet, quarts or cup
gallon, cup or quarts
inches, gallon or cup
gallon, length or height

Q 4: How many quarts make a gallon?

Q 5: Three quarts make a gallon. True or False?

Q 6: How many cups make a gallon?

Q 7: What is the unit for measuring milk?

Q 8: What will you use to measure the ingredients to make a cake?

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