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Online Quiz (Worksheet A B C D)

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Grade 2 - English Language
6.2 Practice Test 6

Q 1: An ______ is an expression whose meaning is different from the meaning of the individual words. You learn the exact meaning of them only through usage and context.

Q 2: Find the subject in the sentence: Our teacher teaches well.
Our teacher

Q 3: An interrogative sentence asks a direct question and always ends with an exclamation (!) mark.

Q 4: Which one of these is in present tense.
The king was sleeping.
The king will be sleeping.
The king is sleeping.

Q 5: Choose the correct adverb: He ____ walks home.

Q 6: Find the nouns in the sentence: Tiger, our cat, ate four mice on Friday.
Tiger, cat, mice, Friday
Tiger, cat, mice, four
Tiger, our, cat, Friday

Q 7: End this sentence with a proper punctuation mark: What a funny mask you have

Q 8: An imperative sentence gives a direct command, makes a request, or expresses a wish.

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